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"Chained Reaction"

Hip hop (or 'rap') started as a DJs music. Then again if the emcee would have never been added to hip hop, it might not be where it is now. But hip hop is a beat driven music. And the DJ mutated into the beat constructor, or producer, or beatsmith, or fill your cool term in here. But it took a long time for this guy to be the person that carries an album. Marley Marl was able to put an album that was sold under his name, Muggs, Domingo, Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Greyboy and many others followed.

Hailing from the midwest, more exact Iowa City, Tack-Fu starts the album rather hectic. The beat moves in the best late '80s uptempo style, with Joe Juggla handling the mix, while Richie "12inch" Heller, positioned himself behind the decks. This track has to sound strange for all you guys that missed that period of music. However, us old cats enjoy to hear BPM numbers that are higher than our heartbeat, but we can also enjoy the live like bass of "Personality". A bouncy drum carries "Throw Your Middle Finger", while things get more abstract on "Matter Of Time". This collaborative beat effort of Tack and Michele Qui Jones provides the wavelengths for Braille to spit his thinking rhymes.

All you strings lover will be pleased to hear "Selling The Hype". Another dominant, and nicely switching drum pushes Felix (The Thunder Cat) further, to explore his monetary questioning rhymes. This takes us to another pleasingly phat cut, that's entitled "Lyrically Lively". Keeping the drums very bare, almost non existent, Tack added a little wooden xylophone effect that keeps the pace. Pan-eye-BetaReign recites his rhymes in a rather poetic manner, still spitting, but dropping a hint of spoken word rhythm. What takes us to "My Poetry", another collaborative effort of Tack with Angle, that entertains with hard drums and more hidden percussion effects. Taking the vibe down to darker and more mystic vaults, "Ballad Of Death" has Juggla rhyme rather animated, while on the string enhanced "Rhyme in Me" Pan-eye-BetaReign walks on paths, popularized by the Living Legends, without intending to copying, and not just stepping in already set footsteps, but moving around them.

This album is recommended.

The rest of the album are instrumental beats, that further show Tack's versatility. May it be on the electro boogie bass of "Return To The Apocalypse", that mixes interestingly with the hard drums and the dooming keyboards and voice samples. Or on the Tango-ish "Narrow Path", that breaks drums, without sounding either like Timbaland or Breakbeat. Another interesting drum programming, along with moody strings can be heard on "Proverbs 5", while on "Spiral Accession", those drums get echoed, doubled, like two tracks playing at the same time, close enough in speed, but a little bit offsync. "Brimstoned Hymn" might be the only beat that fails to fully please, although the choir succeeds in having us enjoy the track. The long voice effect of "Earl-e Morning (wake-up!)" is like an audio theater, only to be followed by the maybe most scientific, spaced out and cosmic track on this album, the "Outro", that in actuality is too long to be just called that.

The tracks being real collaborative efforts of a producer, DJs, Emcees, gives you a deeper spectrum of hip hop. This is a collage of artistic performances. While the production is not the only aspect that shines, it might be just shining the most. The creative drums, sometimes dominant, sometimes only complementing, tickle most of our enjoyment. And if you enjoy to treat your ears with something that fades away from the norm, that we chew like it's rubber that can only be digested if we did crunch it into small pieces, this album will please you and give you many hours to study it's deepness. This album is recommended.
--tadah the byk

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