Until the man known as Tack-Fu contacted me. I hadn't heard of him, I know this isn't his first release, but to me it is. For those who don't know, Tack-Fu is basically a dope producer who created this compilation and enlisted a variety of guest DJ's, emcees, some accompanying producers and of course samples.

The compilation kicks off with some relatively laid back sounds lying beneath some words talking about relaxing and how listening to the LP will make you relax. Then comes the first of two Joe Juggla cuts. The first, 'Altar Beast' has Joe going nuts over a hype beat. The second, 'Ballad Of Death,' has a much more involving beat, though Joe's voice kind of takes away from the music during his introduction.

Joe Juggla isn't the only emcee that appears twice on this compilation, the other is an emcee called Angle. Angle covers 'My Poetry' and 'Personality' both are nice tracks, but I prefer 'Personality,' its a better track in terms of its beats and hook.

There are a few other emcees on the compilation, but my favourite tracks (with rhyming on it) are 'Matter Of Time,' by none other than Braille, and 'Selling The Hype' by Felix (The Thunder Cat).
'Matter Of Time,' after an interesting Sample, sees Braille drop some dope rhymes over a well created beat. In short, dopeness. 'Selling The Hype' has Felix approaching the subject of selling out in a different, more interesting manner. Another great track.

The interesting thing about this compilation, in my opinion at least, is the split between rhyming and speech over beats. Now, don't get lost here, when I say rhyming, I mean rapping, and for the first half of the compilation you have rapping, but the second half features mostly dope beats with sampled speech going above them. It's very interesting to listen to, both the early half and the latter half. The latter though, as it's slowly spoken, is more intruiging as you find yourself focusing more upon the words. And, you flow with the various pictures painted within your mind. They create a unique mood, enhancing the listening experience.

This compilation is dope. Well worth purchasing.

  • 8.0 out of 10

- Hugz Boss

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