One of the best things about running Spinemagazine is getting a few free CDs every now and then. Alongside the record labels that send us a few free treasures to review, we occasionally get an MC to send us his own home-grown CD or album that blows most of the mainstream stuff away- and Tack-Fu is one of those guys. This CD represents two years of work, or rather, 'Rhythms, Melodies, and Rhymes forged in the relm of Hip-Hop,' and it's definitely a case of proof is in the pudding. This is an amazing CD.

21 tracks, mixed in with a few skits and plenty of mad samples, this is a solid compilation of ideas and musicial excellence. From the unlikely setting of Iowa City, Tack-Fu brings together friends and associates and fuses the ingredients to make some strong underground hip-hop.
Sounding like elements of early Organized Konfusion in places, the music is dark and sinister and the MCs have real skills. Tracks like 'Throw Your Middle Finger' work so well- the music is orginial and creative and the rhymes flow like silk. 'Ballad of Death' has one of the nicest beats we've heard in a while and the evil-sounding horns curse you in the background. Consistently good throughout.

Hopefully, someone will pick these guys up so that everyone can get the opportunity to check out this album- in the meantime, you can try getting a copy by dropping Tack-Fu an email. I'll be looking out for Mr. Fu and his cohorts in the future for definite.

rating: 8 out of 10

You can purchase the physical cd on-line

or download this release

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