............... Though emcees long to hog all the credit, producers can be stars too. Case in point, Tack Fu and his motley crew of like-minded crate diggers; the 85 decibel Monks consisting of Kent (The Chaircrusher) Williams, Hart (Hartless) Larew and Clancy (drumk) Clark.

While the emphasis of 85 decibel Monks is squarely focused on the finer nuances of instrumentation, mixing and scratching; exemplified by Chaircrusher's "Interlude in E Minor," the lo-fi stylings of "Absence Of You" and the operatic "Russian Percussion." And though Tack and his 85 decibel Monks have beats aplenty, Tack's down to earth sense of humor is evident on the college anthem in waiting "Weed Cookies" and "Dumb Talkers"---the next rhyme he writes might be about you!! Tack also recruits two of the undergrounds most respected wordsmiths, Illogic and Blueprint, for the DJ Vadim produced "Evolution Is Outdated" and enlists the sexy vocals of Rachel Kann for the twisted lovesick ode "Lie Down Beside You."

Tack Fu and the 85 decibel Monks ensure that the beat lives on!!!

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