... Its debatable what makes a great hip-hop tune—is it more emphasis on good MC’ing or is it stellar production?
I tend towards the latter and Tack Fu’s latest is a testament to that. With production from both Tack Fu and Kent
“The Chaircrusher” Williams, Hart “Hartless” Larew, and Clancy “drumk” Clark, this is a showcase of the superb
production that sets great hip-hop from the rest of the lot. In addition to the great songsmithing, there’s actually
a wide array of good MC’ing found throughout the disc coming our way via the vocal cords of Illogic, Blueprint,
members of Bad Fathers, Lord 360, and ManChild of Mars Ill to name a handful. Great samples, scratching,
and even lyrics from Bjork spotlight this album to the forefront of the emerging new talent in the hip-hop community.

Reviewed by: J-Sin

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