Chained Reaction is the second lyrical compilation to come from Tack Fu productions. Tack Fu's debut lyrical compilation was entitled Yen & Slang, which turned out to be a success. Chained Reaction definitely has a different "vibe" then Yen & Slans; however, similar in the sense both reflect the skills of lyricists and DJ's equally. Chained Reaction is divided into two parts, the first part features lyrical tracks from many talented emcees, and the second part features instrumental tracks laced with vocal samples from various sources such as documentary films, bible readings, and instructional records. Tack Fu is a very impressive producer, that's definitely quickly moving up the ladder of accomplishments.

 The best track on the compilation is entitled "Matter of Time". The amazing lyrics of Braille just kill the track, and create such a "vibe" that your ears anticipate every inching moment of the track. Braille's style and skill is unmatched throughout the compilation. Truly a rising star. The intro to "Matter of Time" adds a definite flavor, and the beat is banging, and definitely compliments Braille's sick lyrics well. Props to Braille, Tack Fu, and Michele Qui Jones for creating such a hot track for the fans to enjoy.

Although Joe Juggla, Angle, Don Juan, Automatic, Felix, Pan-eye-BetaReign supplied good lyrical performances, their material wasn't overly impressive. All lyricists had solid flow, and the intensity was felt, but some of the lyrical content wasn't as hot as it could be. Out of this bunch of lyricists Pan-eye-BetaReign's verses are least appreciated, and Angles verses are most appreciated. Angle is the second best lyricist featured on the compilation, and has solid potential to achieve great things. The creativity of all of the tracks appearing on this compilation is definitely notable.

All of the beats behind the lyrical side of the compilation are banging which definitely helps to make it the success it is. One thing that makes an album or compilation worth the money, is it being listenable. Chained Reaction is definitely listenable. There isn't one track that makes you urge to click "skip". The hot beats found throughout this compilation take your ears on a journey that whim the mind with ill music. Beats alone, this compilation is worth every penny you'll pay for it, and more.

It's impossible to select a favorite instrumental track, since they all exhibit the same unified quality, each one nicely complimenting the upcoming one. Nothing less is expected from such a talented individual as Tack Fu.

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