"Tack Fu Presents the Production Team: 85 decibel Monks" (Tack Fu)
Written by: Wasim Muklashy for getunderground.com

......................... (A lil' o' this...A lil' o' that) 04.16.04

Underground Underground Underground. These words and beats are straight from the streets and the people who make them. Real people, real situations, real feelings, real emotions. I know, with all the fuckin' Clear Channel bullshit jammed down your esophagus everyday, you wouldn't think that shit even exists outside your psyche, but it does, itz for real, and it applies, and therefore appeals, to us all. If you're slaving away day in and day out to keep your stomach fed, then abide by the 85 decibel Monks.

Iowa City (yes Iowa) gives us Tim Tack (aka Tack Fu), and Tack Fu gives us his 3rd compilation mix, the above mentioned 85 decibel Monks. Employing a production team comprised of a slew of various genre-busting talents such as DJ Vadim, Illogic, Cousin of Bad Fathers, and Rachel Kann, they've managed to produce a hodgepodge of expressive beats and rhymes and unconventionally refreshing arrangements aimed at healing all corners of your understandably fed-up mental environment. These brutally honest tell true tales in the form of spoken word poetry, hip-hop beats, wicked scratches, and cinematic soundscape instrumentals all seem to fit too perfectly with the struggles too many of us face today…and yesterday…and tomorrow.

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