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............... Although his name sounds like he is a long lost Wu-tang member, Tack-Fu is actually a producer from Iowa. Chained Reaction is his second album, it's broken into two sides. Side one features MC's spitting over Tack-Fu beats. Side two is make up of instrumentals. Except for the Iowan Braille (who released Lifefirst: Half the Battle" in 1999) chances are you haven't heard of any of the MC's on Chained Reaction unless you're related to one or you live in Iowa. None of them are wack- some are mediocre- but Tack-Fu's production keeps you from hitting fast forward.

Although some of the songs on side one are good (Such as "Matter of Time" w/Braille) what makes this album so good is the instrumentals. One of the highlights on the album is "Proverbs 5." On this track, Tack-Fu uses a sample of a man reading the bible. Now, I know that doesn't sound dope, but when he reads things like "The lips of a loose woman drips honey and her speech is smoother than oil. But in the end she is bitter than wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword." and adds that to Tack-Fu's dope production, its ends up being a very good track.

While some of side one is good, it's the instrumentals on side two that make this album worth buying. From the eerie "Narrow Path" to the goofy "Interplanetary Dance" to the already mentioned "Proverbs 5." I wouldn't be surprised to see Tack-Fu producing for more well known underground MCs in the future, he just might leave Iowa to it.

- The quick pen of Dan Gizzi


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