Tack-Fu's take on the process of his solo work

I donít have to practice playing an instrument everyday, and I don't have to count on flakey musicians, this is why I enjoy pure hip-hop production. Sure, I can place my fingers on a keyboard and whip out a riff or two, thanks to elementary school piano lessons, however I couldnít pin point the difference between an F flat and a D minor to save my life, plus my music vocabulary and education is minimal. One semester of music appreciation. However, I learned there are alternative ways to make music without learning notes and chords, without formal training, and without other people messing up the program. Trust me, I have a list of those that attempted to mess up the program...however...I'm professional, we'll keep everything between artists all private. Shall we continue?

Old records fulfill my creative purposes. Anything is game when it comes to what I sample from, different musical eras, genres, and instruments are all ripe for the pick'en. There arenít many self-restricting boundaries either, Iím not against sampling from pop hits of the 60ís to the present, but I do try to avoid it. My mentality is: Thereís plenty to choose from, so dig for the neglected, ignored, and misunderstoodÖand flip it.

I specialize in recognizing certain notes and chords that will work together over a crisp and clean drum pattern. Generally speaking, I like the kind of tones that emit darkness from the speakers. A medium paced, groove orientated, sinister vibe that will make the listener nod their head in approval.

It takes months to build these beats and I believe patience is the key. Time loosens the initial bond, giving me enough space to make the right choices on what to keep, what to toss, and what to change up. My only wish at the end of the process is, that music fans will enjoy listening to these finished tracks just as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

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